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shiny things • handmade in washington state

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You can find most of my products on Etsy! Because I am a magpie I often prototype and cycle in new products whenever I see a shiny idea, not everything will be there immediately. Watch my Instagram or sign up for Magpie Tidings, the mailing list, to see previews of new products and get notified when cool stuff pops up!

You can also find me at craft shows and conventions near Seattle, WA. The list here will be updated whenever I'm confirmed for a new show!

Upcoming Shows

Portfolio and Custom Work

I do custom work! I can design and produce board game components, signs, retail displays, weird small functional items, you name it. They can be one-off jobs or you make want a bunch of them. I also provide laser cutting services for your designs / files at a competitive rate with no minimum order. Interested? Send me an e-mail at sevenishmagpies at gmail dot com!

Take a look at the portfolio!

About (Me?)

What does Sevenish Magpies sell / do? Well, I mostly make small jewelry, functional art pieces, and sometimes just weird things. Basically whatever I feel like making that someone is willing to pay me for. I guess that makes me a real artist? Wood is what I mainly use, with fabric and thread and acrylic coming in sometimes. Personally, I favor hardwood, though I also like engineered wood for stability when something calls for it.

A lot of my stuff focus on LGBTQ+ the/memes, puns, cute animals, tea, and other soft and comfortable things. I do most of the manufacturing myself using a laser cutter and a small pile of power tools, so I am flexible and can do make on demand / small batch jobs. I try to use the best material available, which mean that none of the stuff I sell (except custom pieces that call for it) is made from the cheapest Baltic birch plywood ordered off Amazon or a local home improvement store.

The Story

It all started with a they/them wooden pronoun pin. I've always wanted an elegant pronoun pin that I could wear on my bag everyday and at events in addition to pronoun ribbons and tags on name badges, and after searching for a while for something that fits me I decided to make a couple for myself. Folks started asking where I got my pins, and the idea of a store was born.

Flash forward about a year, I left a rather toxic and stressful job and finally had the time to make the store and all the art ideas I had over the last decade a reality. With the support of dear friends and the murder of crows that hangs out outside the studio, Sevenish Magpies was born.

By shopping with Sevenish Magpies you are supporting not only me, a queer, trans, creator in Seattle, you're by extension supporting other artists and designers and local artisans that I commission art and services from, friendly queer-owned tea and coffee shops that I work out of, and the crows that eat the food on my studio porch. Caw!

The Name

One's for sorrow, two's for joy, and the rhyme ends at about seven. But sometimes things aren't just that clear-cut, especially with fast moving birds who flutter away at the earliest sign of danger. So there are about seven magpies here, give or take a few or a lot. Sevenish Magpies. That's all.