Sevenish Magpies Portfolio

Here are some projects that I have fabricated, either entirely by myself or with other designers / crafters. Want something made? E-mail me at sevenish magpies (one word) at!

Azul Tile Overlay

Acrylic overlay for the tile placing game Azul, so that the tiles line up nicely and won't slide everywhere. Includes slots for scoring track too. Transparent so the amazing board artwork can still be seen.

Sidereal Confluence Bid Tracks

Wooden bidding tracts for Sidereal Confluence. Flexible construction allows it to be expanded or contracted depending on number of players. Designed by Ideal Abstractions.

Gung Fu Tea Tray

Maple wood gung fu tea tray with Japanese sashiko-inspired etching and drainage holes as well as custom poetry engraving. Yes, I can engrave in any language!

Gaming Merit Badges

Pins / tokens for rewarding players (or GMs!). Made for the OOP Games Board and Role Playing Game Swap in Everett.

Custom Leatherette Wallet

Vegan leather (it's plastic that feels like leather) wallets custom etched and hand stitched. I don't make too many of these so they often sell out at shows, but I'm always open to custom orders.

Desktop Tool Organizers

Living hinge wood construction, customized to desktops / shops and the tools that are needed in that space.

Discbound Planner Dividers

Custom made cardstock dividers for the Corviplanner. Be gay, be goth, do crimes?

Custom Bookends

Quick little bookend featuring a quote from Seanan McGuire's Middlegame.

Heart Container Pendant

Cross stitch on maple hardwood. Made for a Foolscap convention auction.

Tea Tags

Laser engraved, doule sided tags for mason jars full of delicious tea.

Bird Tea Tray

A less intricate gung fu tray. This one has birbs tho.